Daughter Of The Sun: The End Of The Beginning

‘Dans(e) La Chambre: Sheet Music #1, Composition 1’
Visuals by Allegra Seymour
Technological Ongoing Project

‘Dans(e) La Chambre’ is a compilation of imaginary worlds.

This is an international collaboration that was created at a time of desire for isolation. An opening act for Quarantine, soon to follow in March 2020. Isolation: it’s okay we all need a moment.

This project began as an invasive disruption, through the collection of sound. In search of a moment of reverie. When those moments, remained an enigmatic essence of the individual. It is impossible for us to forget the element in the room. The mediator, the technology that digests and abstract our authentic feeling. Just as it abstracts the glimmer of light that dances on water. A metamorphosis through technology.

The collating of sound suggests a voyage of time travel. As the contrast of repetitive fidgeting ground us- paired with visuals of rhythmic light that dance in this empty room. ‘Sheet music #1, Composition 1’ resembles a biopsy of the brain.  But rather acts a craniotomy into our private archive. 

This Sonata is to be continued. As our understanding of social barrier’s shift with economic patterns. Moments of isolation have become something to converse. Now for the second verse.

© À Rebours Studio