Daughter Of The Sun: The End Of The Beginning

‘ The Land Before Time: Lesson 1, Self Love’

As Part of Ongoing Investigation.

The Land Before Time is a course initiated by The Silent Songstress. 

Lesson 1, Self Love a listening experience boldly acts as a self help tape. To be paired with moving image as part of an ongoing audio series. This soundtrack and its fragmented conversation has been created to reckon with the audiences internal and external spatial awareness. It will be played in a variation of environments encompassing internal and external space as a test to reflection. Multiple voices and identities strike relation to Lacan’s theory ‘Mirror Stage’ and its understandings of Self Alienation. The dialogue heightens awareness of sense of self in space. Honing in and out on the physicality of oneself, through guided ritual-like prayer. Asking questions of and to space. This conversation suggests a fight for existence. It sifts through this ambivalence of feeling grounds in the hyperawareness of self, through contemplative meditation. As well as creating the potential to transcend this, and relate to an(other).

This soundscape was exhibited alongside works from collective Latch Bristol as a part of a larger exhibition with ‘Soapworks, Centre of Gravity’ Bristol, Gardiner Haskins. Bringing together our individual practices interwoven with the concept of ‘hauntology’. The collaboration of reckoning audio narratives played alongside projected visuals of 3D animation and experimental video.  Sculptural humanoid forms, architectural structures and large digital prints are paired with scenic lighting to alter the space.

Slideshow Images Of Exhibition with collective Latch Bristol as a part of ‘Soapworks, Centre Of Gravity’ Bristol.

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